I work so much usually, and I don’t really know what I can do to relax, in academia, there is a lot of meetings and talking so it’s exhausting. I get tired of speaking in English too but I don’t know any other spoken languages that are not scientific.

I have found though that to help me feel my own emotions and some happiness, I often like listening to a lot of music from around the world and seeing if I can sing like them, copy them, and just enjoy the beauty of language.

My favourite right now is to sing Karol G’s part in Pop Smoke: Enjoy Yourself.

Maybe I’ll sing this in the lab.

Well, what to do on a day off….let’s have some fun. I love the city of Baltimore and we all talk. The big thing on the street is the rat wars. We’ve got these new corona-rats apparently near the medical center with apparent new features fighting the West Baltimore Rats…

On my journey to becoming a cheminformatician, it took me a little time to realize philosophically what it truly meant to me. Perhaps this PhD is more introspective than I thought.

It wasn’t about hunting drugs, fingerprints recognition, machine learning, organic chemistry, code, devops, graph theory, or pretty visuals. That’s…

During this PhD, I get to explore the deep history of cheminformatics. I came across this paper. After reading the first paragraph I re-fell in love again with cheminformatics and ignites my motivation to continue. I hope you enjoy my perception of it as much as I did.

Morgan was…

The Science Motivation

I dropped out of a Ph.D. program 4 years ago and joined the start-up tech world a brash change for a synthesist. But now I’m back, committing a “financial martyr” as I’ve been told before, so why am I here?

When I was 20 I wanted to start putting chemistry…

PhD is a tough battle, a lot of days I debate whether I am smart enough for this line of work? I had this crazy idea but it crumbled before me today and it actually did make me really sad. I’m going through some crazy emotions right now and maybe…

Suliman Sharif

I’m a cheminformatician exploring chemical infinity,

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